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An online collaborative text editor

Here is an online collaborative text editor built upon SpringBoot, Mybatis, Websocket and Vue.js.

  • Demo website:
    • Note: Due to the limitations of the free version of Heroku, it may take up to 1 minute to load the page initially to start the service.
    • Public test accounts: (You can also create your own accounts if you wish)
      • Username: test, Password: Test123456
      • Username: test1, Password: Test123456
  • GitHub repo:



To deploy the application with Docker, run docker-compose up and configure Nginx to be like nginx.conf


To run the backend and frontend separately (with maven, jre8 and npm):

run mvn package -DskipTests; java -jar ./target/docs-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar for a production build of the backend, and npm install; npm run serve for frontend development (npm run build for a production build, needs a http server to host static files)

Default MySQL config: (initial file: sql.sql )

Host: localhost
Port: 3306
Username: mysqluser
Password: mysqlpass
Database: cmd


  • MySQL default data location: /var/lib/mysql. You can change it in docker-compose.yml if you wish.
  • Swagger2 UI: localhost:8082/v2/api-docs