Hi, I am Shuyang 👋


Hello, my name is Shuyang. I am a senior undergraduate student studying Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. I expect to graduate in either August or December 2023.

During the Spring 2023 semester, I am participating in the Engineering City Scholars Program and interning at HERE Technologies to contribute to the feature alignment service cloud re-architecture for the Unimap, an emerging revolutionary and automated location platform. For the upcoming Summer, I will intern at Splunk working on OpenTelemetry. See you in the Bay Area!

Career interests

I am actively seeking full-time opportunities in software engineering, infrastructure, and systems research and development.

I am a system and networking enthusiast with a passion for building and revamping systems to achieve greater resilience. I am currently studying streaming processing and observability.

Before leaning more towards an industry career, I had the luck to spend some time exploring systems research, in topics including IoT virtualization, software testing, system reliability and storage systems.